Dog Dietary Tips - For Healthy Home-Made Dog Food!

Look and as nicely packed as they are, packaged dog food at the mall with its endless variety of nutritionally balanced dog chow can be a nightmare for regular dog lovers who have a tough time figuring out the real value of all listed ingredients. But, there you are ? these bags of commercially manufactured dog food just seem to be everywhere and so convenient to use, too ? but, if you are a true dog lover and can spare the little time it takes to keep your furry, four-legged friend healthy and happy, you can be sure your home-made doggy chow will pass muster any time ? you only have to know how to put the essential doggy diet together!

Easy to make and filled with natural goodness, the dog food you make at home is a reassuring sight for your eyes after hours of straining to figure out the various scientific names on kibble-packs, so take charge of your doggie’s health now ? make natural dog food at home!

Always consult with your vet about the meal options you can have for the breed, size, weight and age of your pet besides the weather conditions where you live; this is the best person to guide you about the various products and ingredients in the market and how to mix the right proportions for your dog’s balanced nutritional meal besides educating you about any supplements the dog may require.

Raw or organic meat diets are preferred by many dog owners; the first consists of various cuts of raw meat, juices of vegetables and assorted grains while the latter has pretty much the same things, except these are organically produced or home-grown, depending on the kind of garden space the dog owner has!

With this natural meal option plan, you can afford the occasional processed food treats for your dog’s tastes too, but it’s preferable to stick with snacks like baby carrots or apple-bits besides ice-cubes in the summer! Frozen vegetable juice and homemade hard doggy biscuits (organic ones) make for good healthy and nourishing treats besides helping to keep the calorie count low for the dog’s daily dietary intake.

Up to 5 baby carrots a day are acceptable treats and you can always subtract any extra treats from the ideal calorie count for your pet anyway; so actually au naturelle is the best way to go for any dog lover with a keen eye to keeping dog-health a priority life-long!

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