Tips On Chihuahua Training

A good obedience class to coach your Chihuahua is always useful. However, you don’t have to go to obedience classes.  Many classes are particularly for handling huge, out-of-control dogs and may stress force methods to attempt to control and calm these dogs.  These methods aren’t good for Chihuahuas or any dog for that matter.  If you run into instructors and classes like this, you are better off training your Chihuahua on your own or with other small-dog owners. 

Old-fashioned force-training strategies are ineffective and no fun for your dog either.  Chihuahuas reply best to amendable training and only the gentlest of methodologies. 

Some laws to remember:

Guide, don’t force.  Chihuahuas wish to please you.  Your job is to show them what pleases you.  If you force a Chihuahua you may bring out that notorious Chi dour streak. 

Punishment doesn’t work.  Chihuahuas barely need anything but a mild correction. 

Intensify the positive.  Reward your dog for behaviors that please you. 

Happy endings:   Keep sessions short and fun, no longer than 10 to 15 mins.  Start and finish each training session with something your dog can do well. 

Chihuahuas are intellectual.  Simply because your Chihuahua lives a life of leisure does not mean she can’t learn tricks.  Chihuahuas don’t hunt, herd or guard so they don’t have an opportunity to show off like some of the other breeds.  Obedience and agility trials give Chihuahuas an opportunity to show what they can do.  But you don’t have to challenge in the competitions to enjoy training your Chihuahua.  Training should be a fun time for you both.  Chihuahuas need to have a sort of schooling. 

Clicker training works very well for Chihuahuas.  In clicker training you teach the dog a “click” sound signals a coming reward.  A clicker signal is used as it is fast, conspicuous, and something the dog otherwise doesn’t encounter in everyday life.  Once the dog associates the click with an impending reward, you wait for the dog to do the behavior you want her to do.  The instant she is doing therefore you click to tell the dog her behavior deserves a reward.

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