Healthy Dog Food - 4 Factors That Decide The Best Suited Food For Your Pet

It was ever before. Though this is a healthy sign as it provides a wide range of choices in the different types of pet food, it also creates a dilemma in choosing the best of these foods for your dog. Are store or generic brands good for your dog? How about the familiar brands like Alpo and Purina? Do hose expensive brands live up to its expectation in providing the healthiest food for the dogs? That remains to be answered.

Dog Food Considerations

There are a lot of factors that have to be considered while choosing the right food for your beloved dog. Different dogs demand different nutritional needs to stay healthy. These are things which one ought to consider before buying a particular type of food for the dog.

1. Dog?s age

Adult dogs might demand better nutritional food than the puppies. The nutritional requirements vary just like in human where the children and adult demand different nutritional requirements. Ensure you select the right food for your dog considering its age.

2. Dog?s health

Unless your dog has a specific medical condition, it can be fed with normal food. If the conditions seem to exist in the dog, the food you choose has to be dictated by that condition. Low glucose foods are generally given to diabetic dogs and dogs having allergies will require specific type of food as well. Your vet can help you out to choose the correct food on a balanced diet.
Healthy Dog Food - 4 Factors That Decide The Best Suited Food For Your Pet

3. Dog?s size or the body type

Dogs can be overweight, sometimes, and so the food you choose must tally that condition. A few dogs could be underweight too and the food will change accordingly. Few dogs like to run around while a few like to lie around lazily. Sizes of the dogs also can be varying. According to the size and the body type of these dogs, food requirements are met.

4. Your budget

Dog foods are expensive, no doubt, but what really matters is the quality of food you buy from the market. Low cost store and generic bands might not be that expensive and also might not be that healthy too. It can have cheap ingredients and fillers in plenty. Make sure you buy the best food without exceeding your budget.

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