Discover the obedience horizons when house training your dog!

Taking a new pet to your home is thrilling. But there is extra sacrifice to be made for such an experience like training the pet in the basic rules.

It would be good to begin basic obedience training that will result in the development of a common language for you and your dog as well as form a bond.

The training will help your dog to know what is expected of him so he could fulfill these expectations. There is a choice of several modes of dog obedience training.

Leash training and Reward training are two of the training methods that are mostly used. The one you choose depends on the kind of relationship you seek to establish with your dog.

This article will give a detailed explanation of both of these methods of training.

Leash training, commonly referred to as collar training is a strict mode of training. If a dog doesn't obey a command, it will be disciplined.

Leash training is a very popular dog training method. It teaches the dog by way of leash. In the event of a failure to obey, the leash can be used to correct the dog.

This kind of training is useful for dogs used as military and security reasons. They can't afford to disobey their master.

It may not be wise to use this form of training on a puppy due to the harsh nature however.

Reward training is the other mode that has gained popularity in the past years as it relates to training pets.

This method of training uses rewards like toys and snacks as motivation for obedience from your dog

A good way to start is to teach your dog some things through its favorite foods

You can slowly replace toys and food with "good" "bravo and other words of appreciation.

You can reward it with a pat on a back making it feel like it has accomplished something worthwhile.

If you have a lot of compassion and you can't give leash training any consideration, then you might like reward training a lot better if you have the patience and the time.

If you prefer stronger dogs, or dogs at the level of military dogs, leash training would be a better training mode.

Always keep in mind that your desire for your dog is that he listens to you and these training methods will help you to achieve that.

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