Bull Dog Training – How To Coach Your Bull Dog

The bulldog is a really unique kind of dog that needs precise types of training, medical care and exercise. Bulldog owners must thus gain a knowledge of this breed so they can take good care of their pets.

One of the most significant kinds of training that dog owners should give their dogs is toilet training. This is because dog owners don't want their dogs doing their business on their rugs and floors. The following section provides some tenets on how you can train your bulldog to do his business in the correct way.

The Pen

One of the first things you will need to do is to provide your puppy with a pen that has two separate areas. It's a good idea to keep him in the pen as much as feasible and to play with him while he is there so that he is going to understand that it's his pen. Then you must cover the whole floor area of the pen with paper. 1/2 the pen should serve as his "living quarters," and this area should be covered with a blanket. The other half would serve as the "toilet" where he'll do his business.

When he does his business on the "toilet" side, clear away the newspaper but leave some trace of the fouled paper because the bulldog will look for that same spot and do his business there again. After he gets the concept, you can infrequently let him out of the pen but near the newspaper so that he will do his business there. In time, you can bring your bulldog on outside trips, and you may apply the same principle if you want for him to do his business in the garden or the yard.

Dogs are animals of habit, and bulldogs are no different. These easy steps can help you toilet train your bulldog and relieve you of the strain of finding tiny "packages" on your living room rug.

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