Who Else Wants to Know What the Best Calcium Supplementation For Their All Natural Dog Foods and Homemade Dog Food Recipe Is?

The best all natural dog foods or homemade dog food recipe contains calcium because dogs need a 2:1 ratio of Calcium to Phosphorous. Meat is high is phosphorous so calcium must be supplemented to keep this important 2:1 ratio of Calcium to Phosphorous.

In the wild your dog would have satisfied this 2:1 ratio when eating its prey because the bones of the prey would contain the calcium needed to offset the phosphorous in the meat.

Why Bone Meal is Not the Best Choice for your All Natural Dog Foods

Food grade bone meal was always recommended in the past however it is not the best choice for the best all natural dog foods or your homemade dog food recipe. Bone meal contains phosphorous along with calcium so it would be impossible to maintain the 2:1 ratio your dog needs. Using Bone meal will usually put your dog at a 1:3 ratio with the Phosphorous being 3 times higher than Calcium, which could cause devastating health issues for your dog.

The other main reason Bone meal is not the best choice for calcium supplementation in your all natural dog foods and homemade dog food recipe is that bones hold toxins especially metals like lead which would be passed onto your dog. Bones can also hold disease like mad cows disease, which would be very dangerous for your dog.

Finely Ground Egg Shells Are the Best Choice for All Natural Dog Foods and your Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Not only are eggs a wonderful source of protein for your all natural dog foods and your homemade dog food recipe, the egg shells are the best source of calcium supplementation available. Finely ground egg shells do not contain phosphorous so you can maintain the important 2:1 Calcium, Phosphorous ratio your dog needs. You can use your own egg shells plus they are readily available commercially.

8 Large eggs will give you about 1 teaspoon of finely ground egg shells which is the amount to supplement 1 pound of all natural dog foods or your homemade dog food recipe. One pound of all natural dog foods or your own homemade dog food recipe will feed a 50 pound dog each day.

What If My All Natural Dog Foods Do Not Contain Calcium?

A lack of Calcium can cause dental facial problems for your dog which are irreversible. There are many other functions and benefits beyond the obvious of minerals like calcium. Calcium is important for strong bones, it also is said to help with blood clotting, activating enzyme action, and in helping with normalizing the contraction and relaxation of the heart muscles.

Don’t underestimate minerals; they are the spark plugs of life. Calcium is the single most important supplement you can provide your pets.

Otto Warburg the Nobel Prize winner discovered that all disease in people ties back to mineral deficiency. If we have become so diseased after changing our diets to processed foods after thousands of years, why can’t our pets be suffering from the same problem?

Choose your all natural dog foods and supplements wisely; your dog’s health and well being depends on it.

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