Does Your Dog Need Diabetic Dog Food

There is a growing number of type 2 diabetes among dogs. It is a disease that is caused by lifestyle problems just like the disease in humans. It is important that the dog be given an appropriate diet to control their illness through the medications that the vet will prescribe and the diet. Diabetic dog food is just one of the possible solutions.

The first rule of thumb to go by when you are looking for a diabetic dog food is that the closer to the natural food source the food is, the better it is for your dog. Most dry dog foods are too high in carbohydrates to be healthy for a diabetic dog. You will need to read the labels very carefully to determine that they are high enough in protein and low in carbohydrate and sodium to be healthy for your dog. You should not rely on dry dog food alone as the only source of nutrition even if it is diabetic dog food.

Raw food diets are actually quite healthy for your dog. Dogs in the past were very healthy when they were eating raw meats and vegetable scraps. They will also get the added benefit of shiny coats. Diabetic dog food does not have to be prepackaged specifically for this illness; you can give your dog a healthy diet on your own. Homemade diabetic dog food is the best for your dog.

Of course you can buy diabetic dog food for your dog. It can typically be found in organic and natural pet stores. This type of dog food is very healthy for dogs that do not have diabetes, but is more important for dogs that do have the illness. Diabetic dog food is designed to keep your dogs nutritional needs in balance and give them the nutrients that they need and eliminate the ingredients that have caused the problem.

Ask your vet the type of food that you should be feeding your dog if they have gotten a diagnosis of diabetes. They should be able to recommend a diabetic dog food that will be healthy for your dog and give him all of the nutrition that he needs. The vet will be able to tell you what types of foods to avoid as well. It is important that you keep the foods to a minimum that will affect your dog’s condition.

Dog food manufacturers are becoming just as aware of the need for nutritionally balanced food for pets as manufacturers of foods that people eat. They understand that an animal needs a special balance of nutrients to keep the animal healthy and strong. Diabetic dog foods are just one of the ways that animals can continue to live a long and healthy life.

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